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Tuesday 26 April 2022

10 yrs Anniversary of Nitroglobus


April 2012 - April 2022 

How time flies: 10 years ago in April 2012 Nitro and I started Nitroglobus gallery. In the beginning it looked totally different, but soon Nitro decided there should be a 'glass floor' with a mirroring effect. Nitro was a very creative person and when he died in November 2015 I was devastated and didn't want to continue with Nitroglobus gallery.
However, friends convinced me to continue and in January 2016 I had the first exhibition at Nitroglobus Hall, a space kindly offered to me by Joao. 
A year later I moved to the present Nitrogobus Roof gallery, which is situated above my SL home. 

So many artists, so many great images and installations, so many parties with cool music and particles and last but not least so many SL artists who became dear friends.
I honestly could never have done this without the help of my friends. You know who you are, please accept my sincere love and thanks!
Special thanks goes to David Silence for the awesome posters he always makes!

At my part of the gallery I installed large picture slideshow frames, containing posters of all the exhibitions at Nitroglobus over the past 10 years, ordered by year. Also there are lots of balloons, Venus her cool cloud trees AND last but certainly not least: super cool new light art by Adwehe.

The 10 yrs anniversary installation will be in place for a few more days (until Wednesday 27 April) then  I will replace it for an exhibition of new images which I made. So RUN if you haven't seen it!

Of course there was a party to celebrate this achievement with friends and artists who exhibited at Nitroglobus. 
On Tuesday 19 April Imniali from Bsuket music tuned and Venus Adored shot particles. It was great to see so many friends visiting the event. 



image by Inara Pey

Inara Pey wrote a really flattering article in her blog LIVING IN A MODEM WORLD about Nitroglobus and me. It really made me blush! Sooo of course i have to include some of Inara's lines here and hope you will read the whole article.

'In this, I confess to being in awe of Dido’s innate ability to encourage and promote talent, and can honestly say that the month exhibitions at Nitroglobus are something I look forward to with great anticipation. I’m also honoured by the fact that over the last several years I have come to know Dido – herself a gifted photographer-artist who doesn’t exhibit her own work nearly enough – personally. And I can say heart-on-heart that she is one of the kindest, warmest, friendliest, caring and warm souls it has been my privilege to get to know through Second Life. I genuinely and deeply admire her for her talent, and cherish her as a friend.'


image by Frank Atisso

Also Frank Atisso wrote a stunning review in his blog ART KORNER. Wow so many compliments it will go to my head  😃
Frank wrote: 

'Be mesmerized by this vast collection of exhibition posters spanning a ten-year time period as the Nitroglobus Gallery celebrates its 10-year anniversary! Hurry before this unique display closes next week!'

Do read the whole article, it's worthwhile reading for sure.



A sincere THANK YOU to all who visited the exhibition before, at and after the party. Appreciate your interest in Nitroglobus a lot!

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