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Monday 7 February 2011


This weekend I visited Barbee (thanks Michiel, dear brother, for the LM), a Japanese sim. I was impressed: the small corridors and restaurants, the nooks and crannies, the monochrome tones and weirdo light and above all the detailed elaboration. All is in place, which gave me a feeling of serenity. 

When sipping my coffee at one  of the little restaurants I received an IM from Andy, whom I had not seen for almost a week coz his laptop crashed; worst thing that can happen to us playing SL. 
Andy joined me and we continued exploring together, which I think is much more fun coz I am a person that likes to share. 
I took many pictures and now cannot decide which ones to include. Yeah exploring SL one of the best things there is ;-)

a black giraffe and a girl in a tree

Here is your taxi to Barbee Enjoy! 
Oh and when you go there don't forget to put your boots on coz there's water everywhere.
Dikke kus

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