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Monday 12 December 2011

Dance Macabre in LaVie Snowflake

Wow, an awesome December group gift this evening coming from LaVie called Snowflake. Showing you the hair and the 'dress'. I combined it with Katsucide Laura skin from my invent and not with the accompanying LaVie Rachel skin. Although the Rachel skin is less revealing and doesn't show nipples. 

Furthermore wearing my red Alex strap heels from G*Field. The handsome guy holding me on this DM pose is of course my BF Nitro.

Wow, Nitro made a short but supa video of the two of us skating at North Pole as well as posing on Del May (Ivy) at Angel labs, while wearing this Snowflake outfit. Please take a look it's really awesome. 

dikke kus
La Dance Macabre (thx Fabio)

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