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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Autumn chilliness

Two new items in this blog post:  
First a lovely black (mm I think it's more dark grey) poncho, which is a Subscriber gift of BoHo HoBo. Keeps me warm during the chilly autumn evenings.
BoHo HoBo is a new shop, opened to raise money for RAWA (the Revolutionary Association of the women of Afghanistan). All proceeds from BoHo HoBo go to RAWA, an organization of local Afghan women who work to rebuild Afghanistan bringing women's rights, democracy and social justice. They opened schools, orphanages, literacy programs, clinics and have started income generating projects within Afghanistan and refugee camps in Pakistan. Sounds like a sympathic goal. The shop offers colourfull dresses, skirts and tops: I liked them! However, didn't have much time, but for sure I will return there to shop properly and will show you the result ^^. 

Zoe's  Garden Wagon Wheel Bench in Black & Orange

Second new item is the Wagon Wheel Bench in halloween colors and with pumpkins (yeah ^^) of Zoe's Garden by Adele Rhiadra. Many cute poses, luv it!
Thanks Adele for the bloggers review item!

Dikke kus

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