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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Naughty Schoolgirl outfit

pose used DM Driftwood (NEW)

I spent too much money this evening on items I wanted to buy for a long time. I went to Maitreya and finally bought the mesh Jazz boots in black (super cool) AND moreover the cool mini mesh skirt of the same designer in black. Onyx LeShelle of Maitreya is definitely one of my fav designers and has been for years. In my opinion Maitreya makes really geat mesh items.  

Also new is the DM pose Driftwood I used and plan to use some more.

The rest all comes from my closet:
SHINE mesh Satchel bag zebra
coldLogic top waid ebony
Bax ornament leggings fishnet
Fishy Strawberry waist belt plum
Miel RE TIE for girls (former happy Fathers day gift)
Fishy Strawberry college glasses
Elikatira hair Sound in Firey Red 06
SLINK mesh hands Elegant
Mayfly deep sky eyes monet dawn shadow
Anna shapes Angel model
the body co Summer skin
Mandala pearl rain season bracelets maple black

All photos made at Nitroglobus Gallery, Cica Ghost installation 'Pieces of Cica'.
If you haven't visited 'Pieces of Cica' do so this week before we change.
Here's your taxi

dikke kus
my naughty schoolgirl outfit ^^

detail of the zipper and the texture of the Maitreya mesh mini skirt and the great fit of the Jazz boots

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