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Tuesday 2 July 2013

Mix and Match et voila a colourfull outfit ^^

For the Opening party for 'The Sum of Our Parts' last Saturday at Nitroglobus gallery I needed a 'COLOURFULL outfit' arghhh
Not so easy coz normally I wear a lot of black and more darker shades in SL, sooo I went shopping ....
I found awesome dresses at dito shops, but not really suitable for the party from my point of view coz the work of Kynne Llewellyn & Alles Klaar is fun and cheerfull and my outfit should be tooo.

I dived into my closet and came up with the following: 

  • my favourit red evening dress the Paris Metro Masquerade Ball brushed ruby dress. However, when I walked over the mirorring floor of the main hall of our gallery the skirt didn't show ;-( 
  • I had to find another skirt to match the sheer smexy top, gloves and collar of the Masquerade Ball dress and I did: the AD Creation for Kenya project skirt (WAP Design Italian taste) which is also an old time fav. Lovely design and texture. Wearing the pants layer and the sculpted skirt.

I completed my outfit with:

  • SYSY's Tights bright SLink AE System compatible hotpink (love this box of stockings and tights) 
  • The Nemesis Adorable earrings honeysuckle (pink). Wow they fit super with the outfit.
  • Maitreya Mesh Radical boots Red Reptile (awesome as always)
  • Red lips: DT (Dutch Touch) Yri LIPstick Serie A nr 8 
  • DRD ChristineBW half mask (one of my fav items)
  • And my recent D!va hair Mimi with a pink cool ribbon (Mimi comes with a hud that gives you lots of different textures/colors)  
  • Skin is Belleza Mya
  • Mayfly Deep sky mesh eyes Monet Dusk

I was happy with my outfit/look and you know what ... I received lots of compliments for my 'colourfull dress'. Lol mix and match in economic crisis times.

Dikke kus

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