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Monday 7 July 2014

The Mesh beta Project body

I am totally in love with this MeshProject (beta) body. It's looking so realistic and is soo damn smexy.
I love the detailed back, so much better than the system one, the realistic breasts and pussy,  the lovely butt cheekies and ... oh well I just love it ;-)
The only problem is I can't wear most of my mesh clothes anymore, coz it's impossible to wear the alpha layers. 

Interested in this mesh body? You can buy the avi body, feet, hands, shape, head and much much more at TheShops.
I am wearing my own head, don't wanna change that, coz that's me; Dido.

You can find more info here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/theshops/
Have fun shopping 
dikke kus

Realistic isn't it? 
The muff comes from Nearly Tactile. The gun thigh holster is from Tameless and part of the Dark Cabaret outfit. 
The mesh hair is MINA hair Ilse.

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