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Saturday 23 August 2014

Long Way Down, an exhibition by Ini Inaka at Nitroglobus (Aug-Sept 2014)

Ini Inaka is an artist RL and SL and it doesn't matter what she has in her hands - pencil, brush, pen or keyboard, she wants to show what she sees with her heart.

In RL Ini studied painting at an art academy. Photography is just one of her passionate hobbies. It is just another means of expressing herself a way to show what she sees or what she feels, coz things she feels should be shown.

After 2 years Ini is back at Nitroglobus gallery and Nitro and I, we are so happy to have her work back on our walls. Ini's art is always surprising, unique, true and with deep emotions.

This exhibition is about home, borders, experience, feelings, faces on the road, lost faces, lost ways, lost in time and distance ..... and a lot more.
Well certainly worth your visit.

Dido Haas, curator
Nitroglobus gallery (taxi to our gallery)

both art works made by Ini

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