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Tuesday 4 November 2014

Design in front of Art

Miss Canning mesh Cropped Set, which comes in many sizes, Lolas Tango Appliers,  HUDS to change the skirt as well as the top in 8 different colors/textures. Yeah, another color/combination for every evening of the week. I like this outfit, it fits me well and it's classy but not classical if you know what I mean ^-^

The other NEW item shown is the DBF Savannah skin I'm wearing. This is DBF's item for this months ROOM69 event. It comes in Tan with SLINK feet and hands applier and in 3 cleavage versions.
Room69 is a monthly circular event (1-20 of the month) and includes sales from designers in all classes eg. clothing, shoes, houses, furniture etc.

Posing in our gallery (Nitroglobus) in front of Hela Lennie's stunning art work. The exhibition 'Nightmare' by HeLa will be on the walls of Nitroglobus gallery during the month of November. Soooo enough time to visit. And for those of you that recognise her name, yes HeLa is also a designer of clothes AND furniture. Her gift to visitors of the exhibition is the 'Nightmare bed' I am posing in front of. 

Hair: MINA Iris materials
Shoes: *S* Queen
Jewellery: MS Bibi Collar and SSD Frils Bijou Roulette earrings

DBF Savannah skin Tan

HeLa's 'Nightmare bed'