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Friday 4 December 2020

'Sensation & Perception' by Monique Beebe, the December exhibition @ Nitroglobus


poster made by David Silence, based on an image of Monique

Monique is returning to Nitroglobus and I am super happy to have her works on the walls of my gallery again! This time she leaves it up to the viewer (YOU) to make your own interpretation and assumptions of what you see/feel watching her images. There's a lot of portraits, some masked, some bluntly looking into the camera. 

3D artworks shown in the gallery are by  Nitro Fireguard, Igor Ballyhoo, Livio Korobase, Harry Cover,  Kerupa Flow and Cherry Manga

The opening party will be Sunday 6 December at 12 pm SLT ( = 21 hrs Amsterdam time)
Music by Boo (12-1.30 pm SLT) & Ghost (1.30-3.00 pm SLT)
Particles by Venus Adore
taxi to Nitroglobus

I hope to see you all in the gallery!


image made by Traci

Explanation of the exhibition by the artist:

The aesthetic experience is more a matter of emotion and feeling (sensation) than of the subjective image which we create in our heads of what we see (perception). In other words you can be 'touched' by an image, a feeling you have, before you interpret the story which is shown on the image.

Everybody has a different sense or perception: for instance when we see an image of a face with wrinkles we can get touched by the emotion of that face and we automatically assume it is an old person we see. But maybe we also see something different in it, like a person who went trough a lot, who suffered and/or lived in pitiful circumstances.

In the same way this exhibition Sensation & Perception' is made. 

It's not like the usual artwork I make, where i try to capture emotions in a face. This time i got out of my comfort zone and I will let the spectator make their own sensation and perception.

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