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Thursday 11 March 2021



A few weeks ago I visited Skrunda-2, created and held by Titus Palmira (the cool guy on the image at the bottom of this blog post). For the record Titus created the region with the assistance of Sofie Janic and Megan Prumier. 

Skrunda-2 is a full region design loosely based on the town of the same name in Latvia. Skrunda-2 was run by the Russians to host radar. The Russians left in 1998 taking with them all sensitive material and equipment, but leaving the buildings for the Latvian government to deal with. So what remains to this day is a complete, but empty ghost-town, a time capsule to Cold War paranoia and Soviet styling. 

Here's a 3 minute Youtube video of real life Skrunda-2 made by 4k 4Fun:

On 9 March I revisited and again I couldn't avoid making some images moreover, ... I met Titus. He told me he loved grungy things and dressed like a homeless person in SL, he even had a disfigured eye and his coat was torn, in other words he is a perfectionist, dressed to fit perfectly within the  environment of Skrunda-2. 

I love the place it's so well made with great textures which add to the mood of desertion and deterioration. The many graffiti, the deserted buildings, it's intriguing. A lot to explore and make awesome images (not mine coz they are snapshots), wander around and enter the abandoned cellars of the deserted apartment buildings where there is always a surprise waiting for you.

For more in-depth infromation please read Inara Pey's article in her blog Living in a Modem world and don't forget to explore the place yourself.


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