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Tuesday 5 October 2021

Wonderland 2.0


I so love the color of the sky here 

Today I visited Wonderland 2.0, a truly magical and fun place to explore. I received the LM of Caytorias, who is a serious explorer and supplies me every month with a long list of LM's of cool places to visit. Blows a kiss to Caytorias, appreciate darling.

Be aware when you visit Wonderland 2.0 coz it takes a lot of time to see (almost) all; allow yourself at least 2.5 hours to wander around and of course do make loads of images. 
The land info is very brief and gives the following instruction: 'Go down the rabbit hole and find yourself in Alice's abandoned park. Adult cuddles, unicorns and magic everywhere.' Which is what I did and I stepped into this extensive and well made fantasy land.

The sim is created by Lucifer/Sam (samael Morningstar) with some help from his friends as he indicates. 

While wandering around the place I met Lucifer, the owner/creator of the place. He showed me around and also took me to a few places I had overlooked. One of them was a sort of 'hidden place': a more futuristic space in blue, which wasn't entirely finished according to Lucifer. Some of the objects in the room reminded me of Gem Preiz's Borderless project, which I told Lucifer. He got all enthousiastic when I told him Gem is a fractal artist, as Lucifer loves fractals. Lucifer said he would visit Borderless (a project at Akijima, Aki's place) asap.

When I asked Lucifer what drove him to make this sim he answered: 'I only made Wonderland, with some help from someone special, because I want a magical and chaotic place in SL to play. I wish to share that with others, i.e. I want people to enjoy SL and the best way to do that is with crazy magical builds that take your breath away.
Well he succeeded in this goal coz I had a lovely afternoon. 

the butterfly cave

queen of hearts 

Note for photographers: when you join the land group you get rez rights to share the madness 😀

At Wonderland there are a lot of places to sit, relax, cuddle and more (after all it is an adult region). Go and explore the place and have fun.


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