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Tuesday 19 October 2021

Opening party for Hikaru's exhibition My Reflection @ Nitroglobus


Yeah, a bit late, but better late than never, here a bunch of images which I made at the opening party on 27 September for Hikaru Enimo-Lefevre's exhibition My Reflection at Nitroglobus gallery. 

It was a cool party with music by exquisite singer Samm Qendra, who after 1,5 hr of great songs and lots of oohhs and aaahs from the audience, was followed by the uplifting sounds of DJ hEIN. Venus Adored made the gallery look awesome with her particles. Some particles she made specially for this exhibition. 

My sincere thanks to all performing artists for making this party one to remember!

Hikaru and his partner Marcus with family

performing singer Samm Quendra with in the back DJ hEIN

DJ hEIN at work

particle artist Venus Adored

visitors at the party :

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