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Tuesday 3 August 2010

Furry me

Yesterday evening when shopping in a place I never had visited before I met CloneAge, an avi that looked really cool and different. He was wearing dark grey skin, same color hair, red eyes, horns and a big tail. He told me he was going to an 'all in red' party of his fav club and had bought a red jacket. I told him I liked his avi coz it looked very detailed and sooo different. He said if  you like come along. I did.
We talked and danced and he told me he was a shapeshifter and liked to be a furry sometimes. 

Being always curious me I told him I would like to go to a furry place to look around. However, I did not wanna spent lots of money on a furry outfit. He tp-ed me to a sandbox with free Uchi cat - Felis shape, skin, eyes, ears, paws, feet etc 
Could not resist to take a picture. So here we are: CloneAge and me as furries. Fun!

To be continued...
Dikke kus