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Monday 7 March 2011

Vinyl Cafe

The Vinyl Cafe Addicts group has many dollarbies. Keep track at the Dollarbie A Day blog at http://dollarbieaday.blogspot.com. They're not always my taste but this black leather jacket I picked up yesterday definitely is. I like it coz it comes with prims and has a fitted look, and... it fits my avi super without a lot of editing. 
I combined it with stuff I blogged about yesterday (blog entry Blues, i.e. the skirt and jewellery) and the G*Field rose lace leggings.

Do want to mention the awesome top, which has been hidden in my invent for years, and I stumpled on accidently 'MIS' (Mischief Fashion) sexy back halter in heather. The designer Janie Marlow has now a new shop called Jane.  

Dikke kus

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