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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Sina Souza at Nitroglobus gallery

STARTING SUNDAY EVENING (Paris time) 1st SEPTEMBER we'll have a NEW exhibition at Nitroglobus gallery: 

Nitro & I are happy & proud to have Sina's work on the walls of our gallery during the month of September. Moreover, coz all artwork shown will be especially created by Sina for this exhibition at Nitroglobus.

Although Sina started making SL art a relatively short time ago, she already gained a lot of publicity as well as admirers. She developed her own very personal and expressive style; in other words you recognize a true 'Sina'. 
The images shown at our gallery will be reflecting parts of her past, of her deepest feelings and thoughts; that's why she named it 'The Reflection of my Mind'. They tell you about her wishes, her concerns, her past and the eternal search for her soul, which seems unreachable in the cage of her mind. 
Searching for herself between all the chaos that reigns in her mind: trying to find the real Sina, who is hidden behind the mask of despair.

The images give you an insight into her mind, which is surrounded by the cold steel of her protective armor and is like a difficult mountain to climb. So feel what she feels and you get a small glimpse of her life.

Dido Haas, 
manager Nitroglobus gallery

Here's your taxi to Nitroglobus gallery