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Sunday 18 August 2013

Tutsy's opening party last Thursday 15th August

Wow it was a great party last Thursday! We had awesome music by DJ Lex and when he didn't pay attention for a minute, SaveMe Oh took over ^^ 
She made us dance between flowerbeds and donkeys. 
Pixie made an awesome movie. Quan wrote a super informative blog post in her Travelogues. Thanks to both!

Tutsy drank loads of coffee and managed to last till very late his time (South of India). We all had great fun and the atmosphere was relaxed. 
Take a look at some of the many photo's I made as well as Pixie her movie to get an idea. Enjoy!

dikke kus

star from Tutsy his last movie 'Narcissus'
the artist

love this photo of Sina, 
who will btw will be the September artist at Nitroglobus 


Catchafire as a sulky mermaid ^^

Cold Frog as a drag queen

us dancing ^^

SaveMe Oh paid us a visit ^^

great movie made by Pixie Rain of Tutsy Navarathna's opening party 
at Nitroglobus gallery last Thursday (15 August)

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  1. Well done. This is indeed an important exhibition: it shows that machinimas can make art by themselves instead of documenting artworks made by others...