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Wednesday 9 April 2014

A Bunny and Roses in my Hair


Roses crown, which is Glow Designs' item for the Fashion collective of 5-19 April and comes in many color combinations. Makes me look so sweet and angel like don't yah think?

d.l.s. (dirty.little.secret) mesh Hanky Hem dress in crimson. Wow a lovely dress, wearing it for days in a row now soooo should blog this right.

FBD Fashion (FireBird Designs) Gatcha Garden (7 April - 4 May) item: Bunny animations. Don't I look innocent in front of this cute bunny. 

Wearing MINA's messy braid hair Nanda, her item for the 'We<3 i="" role-play="">' event of March.

Dikke kus

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