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Wednesday 30 April 2014

Roos & Spring color outfits

Pose used: NanTra Freestyle Kick pose (the Attic 21 March 2014)

Yeah it's Spring sooo showing outfits with soft colors:
Princess Maddy corset dress (skirt, top including alpha layers). 

!!! Important message: Today I received an IM from a reader that the designer/shop Fashionlious may be corrupt:  'I went and bought the outfit and there is nothing in the box in a box in a box except a scripted touch box that does nothing'. The photo on the box (prized 1 L$) in the store showed the same as in your post, but it has a totally different photo inside the box, i find this very odd'. 

Pose use in photo 2 and 3: DM (Del May) Out of Patience 

The mesh Boh long skirt and knotted Tee are from Myrai Style (MS). Lovely colors and purrfect fit. Very summerish; like it.

The SUPER mesh MINA hair, which I have been wearing for over a week now, but couldn't blog coz Mina forbid me to do so :-( is called Roos. I truly luvvvv it. AND moreover, the folder also contains another cool hair style, which I will blog later. 

The Birkhen bag is awesome and comes from WRD and was a bloggers review gift from the Like Sales Room. Normal price 275 L$ and Like Sales Room price 75 L$ ... arghhhh. Now that IS a bargain.

That's it for this evening
dikke kus

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