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Tuesday 10 November 2015

You will always be in my heart

On Saturday 7 November at 2.10 pm Paris time my beloved Partner Nitro Fireguard passed away.
Although I knew this was inevitable, it still was a shock. After all nobody wants to loose a loved one. The only redeeming thought is Nitro doesn't have to suffer these horrible pains anymore.

Nitro and I, we had 4 wonderful years together in Second Life. 
It all started when we met at the installation 'The Path' on 17 October 2011.
We flirted, fooled around, got partnered on Valentines day 2012 and started a gallery. 

We both worked very hard in/for the gallery, which we enjoyed a lot.
How bizarre that eggszackily 4 years later, even on the same day, Nitro made his own 3D mesh sculpture installation 'The Paths of Life'
, which opened on 17 October. 
I am truly happy he could be present at this opening party, enjoying the good spirit and the many artist friends attending that evening. It was his goodbye to SL.

Nitro loved art, he was a very creative person, always had been in RL and SL. Over the years his 3D mesh sculptures were getting better and better, and he gained name as a sculptor.
Most of his sculptures and installations (like the Maze) were shown at Nitroglobus

walking Nitro's maze

He exhibited his works alone or with others (who doesn't remember the exhibition 'Hidden Faces' he did together with Mistero Hifeng in January 2013).
Last but certainly not least, there were his sculptures in the main hall of Nitroglobus, as he always 'fitted' the gallery to the theme of the exhibitions by guest artists. That's what made Nitroglobus gallery a unique place.
So unreal to know this will never happen again. 

Second Life is empty without him and his always loving care for me. Now that you are gone sweetie I realize more and more how dear you were to me my soulmate!
Gros bisous mon cheri, may you rest in peace.

You will always be in my heart!

Claude the man behind the keyboard of Nitro
I am happy we met twice in Real Life.
(this photo was made by a RL professional photographer friend of Claude)

Jessye Norman - A Portrait - When I Am Laid In Earth (Purcel) 
thank you Joao for this song


  1. ooh Dido..what a terrible sad news .. a terrible loss for you and for what he was for other people in sl and for what he did there.. Sl will be empty for you without him as you wrote. I am in my thoughts with you. dikke kus en heeeel veel sterkte Nicandra

  2. dank je Nic voor je lieve woorden
    Ik waardeer.
    dikke kus

  3. hallo dido,
    ik schrik hier zo van !
    en wil je veel sterkte toe wensen,
    fijn dat je zijn rl foto hebt geplaatst
    en we de man kunnen zien achter de avi ,
    die zo`n groot kunstenaar is en een mooi mens!
    sl zal nooit meer hetzelfde zijn voor je....
    de herinneringen blijven!
    ik denk aan je !!