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Thursday 10 December 2015

Every End has a New Beginning (Closing party @ Nitroglobus gallery)

Last Sunday, 6 December I organised a closing party @ Nitroglobus gallery. The gallery hosted many impressive exhibitions over the past 3,5 years and it hurted a lot to tear it all down.
However, since my beloved partner Nitro Fireguard passed away on 7 November, I couldn't afford to keep the sim/gallery and decided to close it.
Don't be sad, I will open a new place soon @ a dear friends sim. Will keep you all posted.

Last Sunday we celebrated all the good times with great music of DJ Ferdy and an impressive performance by SaveMe.

Thanks all for being there!
dikke kus
Dido Haas

Some snapshots:
colors by SaveMe Oh performing

Cold Frog visiting

Cat visiting

Cold & GoodCross

me dancing with Sirius


Maloe, Vallys


MM with a nice gentleman dancing 

Mr and Mrs S




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