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Sunday, 20 March 2016

LEA dress by Easterling at The Trace

Exploring The Trace, an awesome sim with great beaches

I am wearing the awesome Easterling dress Lea for Maitreya mesh body Lara, The dress comes with a HUD with MANY MANY different gorgeous textures. SUPERB with a super fit (the folder gives you 2 Maitreaya sizes; i.e. one normal and one wider back), and as always very smexy.  

In short a great great dress and a must have. Go get it at Easterling. Here's your taxi to the shop.
Furthermore I am wearing my fav Maitreya Mocassin boots and the BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) Reckless Collar, which is part of the total Reckless outfit.  And ... of course the Dido tattoo made by my friend Tamdig. See my former blog post.
Last but not least MINA hair Stella. Love it

Oh and don't forget and explore the awesome sim The Trace. You'll love it, and I'm sure you will not be able to stop making images over there. 

dikke kus

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