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Thursday 31 March 2016

New Exhibition 'The Wall' by GoodCross @ Nitroglobus Hall

'The Wall', the April 2016 exhibition @ Nitroglobus Hall

What can a person do with a wall? Well a lot it seems when you look around in Nitroglobus Hall: one can stand on top of a wall, under a wall, besides a wall... 

But that's not what this exhibition by GoodCross is really about. It's about emotions. Each image shown reflects an emotion.
Come and see for yourself.

Opening Party: Sunday 3 April 2016
Time: 12.30 pm SLT = 21.30 hrs Amsterdam time
Music by DJ Ferdy
Place: Nitroglobus Hall

dikke kus
Dido Haas

This project is GoodCross documenting the emotional walls that we all build in, and around us, especially true in case of our lives in Second Life. 
In the infogiver at the entrance point of the gallery you'll find, next to the Bio of GoodCross, also a list of all his works exhibited with an accompanying song (youtube url included).. Great to take a tour and stroll along the images and listen to the music the artist picked to fit the image.  

GoodCross came into Second Life on 8/31/2011,  the bug of photography in SL soon caught up on him, and he has just been absorbed with it and all skills around it. He spends almost all his time in second life, creating and documenting little stories to fit inside the 4 sides of a frame. 

GoodCross is the owner, curator of The Good Days Gallery
More of his work you'll find on his Flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/goodcross


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