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Monday 24 June 2013

SYSY's Escapade

This cool mesh dress called Escapade and the hot stockings are SySy's releases for the My Attic and Zodiac cycles!

For my Attic there are the various (showing only 3 of the many many different textures/colors/patterns) Escapade dresses. The theme of this round of my attic is "Escape" and runs for 10 days.

For Zodiac this round is the month of Cancer. The two color shades of stockings (red and pink) are for that round. Zodiac runs the rest of the month untill 21st July.
These stockings work just like any other pair of stockings, socks or leggings but are also created to work seamlessly with the SLink Avatar Enhancement System. Meaning if you have the SLink mesh feet, you can wear them on your mesh feet and apply them with the click on the hud. Wow, luv them!

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