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Sunday 2 June 2013

Lots of weekend newness

In the photo above Nitro and I are wearing parts of Dragonfly; a complete male & female avatar outfit, AND the June GG of Lost Town (La Citta Perduta). 
Dragonfly comes with a shape, skin, eyes, an awesome marble like body tattoo layer, jewellery, nipple covers, pants and gloves; all layer and sculpted items. 
Nitro and I didn't use shape, eyes and skin coz hey we are addicted to our own ^^

But the photo gives a hint of how awesome this FREE total avatar gift by creative Sivi Kelberry is.  

Moreover, wearing Silvia a really SUPER new rigged mesh MINA hairstyle, specially made for the Numberology event, which will be held from 1-15 June.  (more info: http://www.covert-affairs.com/#!numberology/cxd8) 
The hair comes with HUDs that lets you change the color of the hair and the hairclip. 
Wow I luvvvvvvvvvvv this hair!  

The lovely Feathered Mayan Pendant necklace I am wearing is by Graffitiwear and their June Subscribers Gift. 

Last NEW item is Chi Chi a mesh black lace mini skirt I bought this weekend at Sn@tch. The folder comes with a top (shirt/jacket layer), as shown in the photo. Of course I am wearing black, BUT the folders contains many cool color tops tooo ^^. 

All other items come from my invent.
Pose used: ED (Eternal Dream) Boobies

dikke kus


  1. Beautiful pics! Thank you so much for blogging Sn@tch. <3

    1. yw Ivey! Thx for making awesome clothes.
      dikke kus