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Saturday 29 June 2013

DRD girl

Hey who's cool here ?

Wearing: DRD Netty grunge mesh dress in red (skirt & top)
There's a discount at DRD atm of which I btw wasn't aware when buying this really awesome outfit. Soo you can imagine my surprise when receiving money from Jaimy (co-owner/designer of DRD) ^^ 

NEW is Jolene in light brown, one of the 3 new Truth mesh hairs of this week. Jolene has a cap with a texture changing hud (12 different textures). 
Yeah, another great Truth hair.

To complete the look I dived into my closet and found my:
super DRD looseboots
League Wanderer necklace
Acide Jam Grey piercing

Have a great weekend!
dikke kus

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