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Thursday 24 October 2013

Tabita and more

Well rather a lot of Newishness today:

Starting with the NEW MINA hair Tabita a rigged mesh hairstyle with 2 low pigtails and two matching elastic bands. The hair comes with all Mina's new and fresh colors in her brand new HUD. Yeah soo cool. 
I love her new colors and moreover all features are in one HUD, which has a tab for the colors as well as one for Add On's like hair bands or other accessories. Tabita is released for the Boho Culture Fair.

Next is the Corvus mesh 13 dress, yeah bit of Halloweenish ;-)
As well as the Corvus Beaten Up Face Tattoo on the 2nd and 3rd photo. Mmm yeah I hear you think but nah my BF Nitro didn't hit me ^^

On my head the BSD Design Studio - Boho Fair gift Retro Shades red head outdoor; cute shades to wear on your head and more. Oh I love these sunglasses! Such a cool gift.

The last NEW item: the Poetic Colors eyes Autumn Song (shown in the 3rd photo), which are a Group Gift. They come in many sizes and in bright and dark colors. Cool autumn gift indeed!

Thanks to the designers for their bloggers review gifts!
Dikke kus

Poetic Color Eyes Autumn Song & Corvus Beaten Up Face tattoo 

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