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Wednesday 30 October 2013

Chasing Gardens

Cameron has been working hard lately coz here's another NEW BDR outfit called 'Chasing Gardens'. I blogged her 'Applause' outfit last Saturday.

Chasing Gardens is a combination of mesh, sculpted parts and system layers.
There are 2 outfits included in the pack: Lady Bee (yellow/black and not shown here) and Ladybug, both are HUD-driven and consist of many many items: a high waist skirt with spikes, stockings, heels (not shown), gloves (not shown either), posture spike collar, a top in jacket, shirt and undershirt layers, wings, antlers and panties. 
The outfit is well textured, creative, fun, super cute and... typical Cameron style, but best of all fits me purrrfectly ^^

Best of all the price...  only L$ 200 for both sets!!! Interested? Visit marketplace or the BDR inworld store.

Thanks Cameron for this awesome bloggers review item!
dikke kus

Coz it's almost Halloween I went to a spooky graveyard and a sleezy empty warehouse to take pics. 

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