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Wednesday 9 October 2013

C&P Pencil dress with Missy shoes

Yesterday I met with my dear friends Catherine and Petrov of C&P Casual Wear. We hadn't met for some time. Sighs, time flies when you are busy and having new exhibitions and opening parties ^^
Before they left Cath gave me this classy mesh black pencil dress with black lace (it also comes with red lace), one of their latest new items in store. Wow I love it.

I combined the dress with the awesome Slave Dressing Room (*S*) Missy shoes. Wow they fit purfectly and moreover they come with two huds; one lets you change the color of skin/nails and the other gives you 8 (!) different colors to use for separate parts of the shoes like the sole, heel, thong, separate straps, studs and more. Cooool!

Thx to the designers for these awesome bloggers review items!
dikke kus

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