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Friday 6 June 2014

Facechain and more goodies

d.l.s. non-rigged mesh short bobbed hair in cardinal (comes in 5 colors). The price is 50L per play, with a 20% chance of snagging the Rare hair. It's one of d.l.s. offerings for this month's pre-release Gatcha Garden.

The other cool item shown on the photo above is the (SH) Facechain classico - Wace, which I bought this evening at the We love RP fair. It comes with a HUD that lets you change the color/texture. Wow love this one.

Another supercool d.l.s. item and reasonably new (due to my RL travelling I didn't have time to blog earlier) is the mesh B&W Polka Dot Push Up Bra & Frilly Panties. It fits me purrrfectly and I do love this outfit, btw so does Nitro ^^

These cool Essenz shoes Philadelphia a MID Slink Add On in black I bought last nite at the Designer Circle for only 100 L$ a pair. Soooo I couldn't resist to also obtain the red ones. 

Total outfit photo I made at the We love RP fair this evening standing on a pose stand and thus showing one of the great poses of ELEPHANTE.

dikke kus

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