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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Plastik Fantastic

Last Friday Plastik got such awesome items for FLF (Fifty Linden Friday): a skin and 2 outfits. Awesome! 
Showing some of the items (there are soo many in the folders) of these outfits and wearing the Plastik Astrali Feral (basic) skin of course.
The folder for the skin comes with 3 different skin, many appliers, make-up tattoo layers and eyebrow shapes.
The Plastik Kadiene Outfit Boxes 1 and 2 give you many many cool items to combine like the Cailin dress, Tianna top, Fyriana cuffs, the smexy Euthanasia corset, the Krysis bellyring, Krysis horns, Verali top, skirt and dress and the Vynn horns. Phew soo many items I might have forgotten to mention some, but all are super made.
I love them all and showing a few combinations in this blog post.

Also NEW is the Adoness Lady Crow choker (and earrings not shown) their Catcha Prize for the THRIFT Shop 5.0 (8-30 June). The choker comes in garnet, peacock and pearl. It's yummie!

The gorgeous black lipgloss is THD's and is one of 6 sexy colors.

Moreover wearing the new MINA hair Femke, which I blogged before and luv muchos as well as the SH facechain from the 'We love RP fair'

That's it. Hope I didn't forget anythings ^^
Dikke kus

Cailin dress with Tianna top and Fyriana cuffs

Plastik Verali skirt and top & Adoness lady crow choker pearl

Plastik Euthanasia corset & Krysis belly ring

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