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Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Inner Me, a new exhibition at Nitroglobus (& Sunday Cafe)

This weekend we will change and YEAH next week we will have a brand NEW exhibition at Nitroglobus gallery; 'The Inner Me' by the awesome creative Maghda Resident & Bonnie (Saka Bonetto). It's honest, emotional, stunning & simply gorgeous!

Opening Party is set for:
Wednesday, 25 June 2014
Time: 21 hr Paris time (= 12 pm SLT)
Place: Nitroglobus gallery
Music by DJ Lex (so happy he is available so we can rock on his tunes)

Looking forward to this awesome new exhibition! 
Here's your taxi to our gallery:

Cu next Wednesday!
dikke kus

***  ~ ***
Oh and don't forget we have a Sunday Cafe@Nitroglobus this Sunday, 22 June with the one and only DJ Ferdy who will play "a very personal view on electric and experimental music" starting in the fifties with Stockhausen and ending in 00' with Fever Ray
DJ Ferdy

YEAH, so if you luvvv good music be there!
The Sunday cafe starts at 21 hr Paris time, = 12 pm SLT and lasts 2 hrs.

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