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Wednesday 10 September 2014

All about eyes

Mayfly Luminous Rainshower Shadow mesh eyes

With this post I wanna thank Arkesh Baral, the owner/designer of Mayfly eyes for her awesome blogging review items. Now and then she sends us bloggers a fatpack containing  soo many great mesh eyes.

I can't remember since when, must be a few years, I am a fan of the Mayfly mesh eyes. So many options the menu gives you to change the size, color, shining, illumination etc etc of these lovely eyes.
Luv them! Soo a big big hug for Arkesh!

dikke kus

Mayfly Luminous Monet Desk mesh eyes


  1. Awesome eyes and wonderful shot by THE eyes specialist in SL!

    1. Wow, TY sweetie, but these eyes are Mayfly and since you know me I have always been wearing Mayfly eyes. Luv them a lot, BUT of course not as much as I love you
      gros bisous