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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Valkyrie at Binemist

Wearing the NEW Valkyrie hair and wings of Asset; creating an awesome look. The Valkyrie wings are available at Gacha (see add below). The hair has a HUD to change the color.

Reasonably NEW are the THD freckless tattoo layer (luvv it!) as well as the MS Bibi collar, which comes with a HUD to change the color and resize. This collar is very detailed, well made and comes with a color changing HUD (6 different color combinations). Luv it!

Photo made at Binemist, a Tuscan landscape in the sky, and a wonderous watery world on the ground. I only visited the sky part i.e. the Tuscan house where Nitro and I found a sofa with lovely poses ^-^

I will have to return for sure to explore the other part of the sim. 
When you want to know more about this lovely place (great for making photos) take a look at the very informative blog post of Ziki 

dikke kus
 add of Asset

my arty impression ;-)

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