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Friday, 19 February 2016

Shadows of a Dream, the new exhibition @ Nitroglobus Hall

I am happy and honoured to have the works of Angelika Corral & SheldonBr, two talented people on the walls of my gallery during the months of February-March 2016 with their exhibiton entitled 'Shadows of a Dream'.

Both Angelika as well as Sheldon are truly gifted in their own way, and together they complement eachother well.

Charcoal (Sheldon) and pixel images (Angelika) of female bodies in great poses, playing with light (clair obscur) and using only black and white, Angelika & Sheldon express their dream.

The Opening party is set for Sunday, 21 February
Time: 12.30 pm SLT (= 21.30 hrs Amsterdam time).
Place: Nitroglobus Hall

Music by the lovely DJ Ferdy
Dresscode: come dressed in Black and/or White

Have a wonderful weekend
images shown here, are both made by Angelika


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    1. Hey thanks Captain for your comment! Always good to know my blog posts are read :-)
      Hugs you tight

  2. Thank you for everything dear Dido! Hugs ♥

    1. yw Angelika. Thank YOU & Sheldon for the awesome work exhibited in my gallery!
      dikke kus