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Thursday, 15 April 2021

Summer of 42 - Oxygen

A region owned by the Oxygen group (Justice and Six Vought) and so well made. Summer of 42 -  a coming of age love story movie from 1971 in which a teenager, who spent his summer holiday on Nantucket island falls in love with a young and beautiful newly-married woman, whose husband has gone to fight in the 2nd world war.  
As Justice mentions in his profile 'In everyone's life there is a summer of 42'

I was taken by the lovely beaches, the sounds of the waves, seagulls  and the cool old cars in main street. 

For in depth details about the region as well as the story behind it I refer to the excellent article by Inara Pey in her blog Living in a Modem World

I couldn't resist to make a LOT of images, so here they are:


When making images a dog and a cat (they are an SL couple) passed, I couldn't resist and asked the doggie to pose with me in the boat. 

message in a bottle

At the end of the afternoon I spent at Summer of 42, Oxygen, my friend Mihailsk arrived and we tried a few poses (shhht).

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