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Thursday 1 July 2021

Baptism of Fire by Mihailsk, the July exhibition @ Nitroglobus


poster made by David Silence, based on an image of Mihailsk

Thursday, 1 July 2021
It's all in place on the walls of the gallery after an evening of hard work: the July exhibition 'Baptism of Fire' by Mihailsk.

Opening party Monday 5 July, 12 PM SLT (is 21 hrs Amsterdam time)
Music by Suzen Juel
Particles by Venus Adored

I met Mihailsk (Miha) when he visited the gallery on 2nd March. He returned the next day to the gallery and made a really cool image of the then present exhibition from behind the bamboo plants, which he placed on his Flickr account. 
When I studied his Flickr images I immediately sent him a message, asking him if he was willing to exhibit at Nitroglobus. After some hesitation he accepted.
So here he is and I am super proud that Nitroglobus is the first gallery to present this awesome set of images 'Baptism of Fire'.


Mihailsk explains Baptism of Fire:

Meeting Dido Haas was definitely a milestone in my journey in the art world as she challenged me to 'travel inside myself' for this exhibition.
I accepted that challenge and tried to express thoughts and emotions, using only my body and the presence or absence of light. I dared to make myself the main subject of my frame, something I usually don't do.
Without colors, mostly without unnecessary objects, the more I traveled the more discoveries I made. I came closer to me than usual.
I never imagined how exciting, painful and liberating this journey could be…

Sometimes it felt like a dip in the deep waters. It was a journey in light and darkness, like Apollo and Hades were my companions. And there I found my 'new me'.

Moments from this trip is the content of my first exhibition, with which I introduce myself and my 'new me' to you.
And I am happy this 'baptism of fire' is taking place at the Nitroglobus Gallery.
Thanks, Dido Haas, for the challenge…

I don't see myself as an artist, I am a passenger with open eyes in this journey of life and second life…

poster made by David Silence, based on an image of Mihailsk

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