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Thursday, 15 July 2021

Hotlanta - Northfarthing

Hotlanta, the Industrial area

Hotlanta by DonPaul Cale, home of Hotlanta Blues club at Northfarthing, a part of the extensive Hotlanta sim. You can easy tp around the various parts (skyboxes) of the region; there are many. 

I will restrict myself, however, in this blog post to the part, a skybox where the blues club is situated. I love the deteriorated look of the concrete, the various graffiti, the general atmosphere of abandoned factories, warehouses and the futuristic airships. It was fun to walk around.

I discovered the place when my friend hEIN (famous DJ) was performing at Fleming Helfenstein 'The Waterworks' - a museum of SL Art some days ago. 
The gallery shows a selection of mainly 2D art by many of SL's finest artists, in a labyrintine concrete tower in the fascinating Southtown Township of Northfarthing. Get lost and explore the message is.... which I did

The Waterworks at Underground Hotlanta 

So here we go.... a lot of images I made:

meeting Ed, who turned into a police man arresting me ;-)


  1. Don't miss the underground sewer system. Follow the train tracks, but watch out for zombies.