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Thursday, 8 July 2021

Opening Party 5 July @ Nitroglobus

Suzen Juel tuning

Monday, 5 July was 'D-day'; the opening party for the  exhibition 'Baptism of Fire' by Mihailsk at Nitroglobus, and what a party it was. When Suzen Juel tuned a Greek song we all started to dance the sirtaki and had so much fun.

Special thanks to the main players of this evening: Suzen Juel for her great tunes, Venus Adored for her ditto particles and of course the presenting artist Mihailsk.
Also sincere thanks to all who visited and for those who were unable to tp in, the exhibition of Mihailsk will be at the walls of Nitroglobus during the entire month of July. 
The gallery is open 24/7 😀
Snapshots I made of main players and visitors:

Venus Adored, particles magician

Mihailsk, the artist