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Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Colores Primarios by Bamboo Barnes


overview of the gallery with in front the light art created by Adwehe

The July 2022 exhibition at the main hall of Nitroglobus: COLORES PRIMARIOS by the artist Bamboo Barnes. Too late to visit the exhibition coz it has been removed and replaced by the August one by the time this blog post is published. However, you will find in this article lots of images, reviews and info about how wonderful this exhibition was. 

The poster made by David Silence, based on an image of Bamboo

The opening party took place on Monday 4 July 12 PM SLT.  starting with a contemporary ballet created by Milena Carbone and performed by Lalitha, Milena and Dido.

 image by Adwehe 

See also the cool video Cully Collas (Magus Magus) made of the performance with the original music on Vimeo.

Mihailsk also made a nice video showing showing images of the dance on Vimeo.

image made by Hermes Kondor


Music at the opening party was in the hands of Mrs Beerbaum
DJ hEIN! was super helpful and shot particles replacing Venus and Kurk who both were busy RL.

Furthermore I wish to express my gratitude to David Silence for the excellent poster he made and to Adwehe for the awesome light art she created. 
The sculpture I placed in the gallery was a work in pink by Suzanne Graves.

Description of the exhibition by the artist:
In a hot and humid room, blue at the hem of the curtains.
In a windless room, red on the floor.
In closing your eyes and seeing it disappear, yellow.

What color is the ground you cower on?
What color is the sigh your breath makes?
What color is that place where you fall asleep?

What are your basic colors?

It has been more than 10 years since I started my creative activities, but I still don't know what I want to look for. Just like the passage of time. I drift along, drawn by the red shimmer.
Bamboo Barnes


Several reviews were published about Bamboo's excellent exhibition:

Diomita Maurer wrote an indepth article in her blog Diomita and Jenny Maurer's Blog and she included lots of cool images.

image by Diomita Maurer

Diomita wrote:
'I was in particular fascinated by “Assemble 3!”. This picture is exhibited 3 times and all hand side by side. But as it is a picture (actually each picture consists already of two pictures) with a moving layer, each look different, all the time and Bamboo created a particular effect by hanging them in a row.Once again on wing of the exhibition room is separeted with a transparent picture through which you can look through and walk through. It adds an additional 3D effect.

Very fitting to all the colours, Adwehe made the light effects again, colourful balls. And thinking of Bamboo’s description, I could ask myself: Which ball is mine?'

Inara Pey published as always a great article in Living in a Modemworld.

image by Inara Pey

Inara wrote: 
'But what if, rather than standing as simple reflections of mood or state, colours were a genuine outflow of every moment of life; something informed by where we are, what we are feeling, events recently passed, and so on? Colours that, if visible, would literally paint our lives for all to see – what would they show? How would they ebb and flow? Would they further reveal us, giving expression to not only the emotions we are feeling, but the depth of those emotions (Neon Glitch)? Would they be forever flicking and changing, moment to moment (the Assemble 3 series)? Would they offer a reflection of us that is real, or own that is blurred by our own confusion?'


Frank Atisso wrote in Art Korner a short article accompanied by 3 great images

image by Frank Atisso

Frank wrote: 'In many ways, Bamboo has always used these primary colors to great effect in her past work as well. However, in this case, they play a pivotal role with a special focus on red, the one color which has fascinated her perhaps a bit more than others.

Each of us has our set of colors we feel comfortable to work with and which please us immensely. An artist, in many ways, is always on a journey towards finding the right mix that suits them. And as they drift along this journey come several fascinating discoveries, which help them hone their craft.'


Images of the Opening party

main players

light artist Adwehe

from left to right: Milena, Lalitha and dido


DJ Mrs Beerbaum


  1. I am still seeing the gallery when I close my eyes, it was a special exhibition for me and grateful to have so many visitors. Thank you whoever came by, thanks Dido for the great opportunity you gave me. I loved everything of it, every minute. Bamboo Barnes

    1. thank YOU Bamboo I loved having your awesome works @ Nitroglobus!!!! Big big hug