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Wednesday, 7 September 2011


I like this new ABS (Art Body Store) skin Michelle by Vick Spitteler, wearing pale1; the face is fresh and young but not too young. Natural look is my fav here in SL and this one sure is. I asked a few friends to give their opinion about this skin and they all loved it. /me writes down ABS on my list of fav skin shops ^^
I combined this pale skin with the new Truth Rowena hair, which is my fav of the moment.

Furthermore I am wearing my newly acquired Phoenix Rising push shirt in black, which comes with a lovely sculpted tie. I thought Phoenix Rising had closed it's doors ages ago, but nope they still are there and everything in store is prized down to L$ 25 !! So many awesome items, couldn't resist to buy some. Great deals from formal to sporty they have it all, so if you haven't been there, go!

From my closet:
Cupcakes fancy lacy stuff bra (black)
Coco belt black
LouLou&Co gloves and bracelets Crepuscule
A&M I<3 my jeans low rise ripped - dark blue

Dikke kus

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