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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

OMG she shrank!

This evening Kooky showed Fabio and me her two micro avi shapes, aww so tiny and cute. Couldn't help to take some photos just for fun. I think I might turn Dido into MicroDido too and we tiny girls will start teasing giant Fabio ^^

If you are interested in buying tiny avi shapes, clothes, hair, ears, furniture, etc please read Kooky her blog post 'Bitten by the micro bug' she is the expert on this subject for sure. 

I am wearing the awesome new Truth hair called Rowena in quince, League Hitch dress Floral soft brown as well as League side-gartered stockings and skin (Sia medium bloom).

Fabio holding Kooky in his giant hands ^^

Aww so cute, Kooky said she was secretly pulling his chest hair ^^

Dikke kus to Fabio and Kooky, luv yah!


  1. Dido! Giving away my secrets...pffft!

    I had a great time with you both last night and can't wait to meet MicroDido!


  2. ♥ ♥ ♥ (to both my soulmate and the cute, tiny brit mouse ^^ )