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Thursday 8 September 2011

China girl from the other side

China Sassy girl 

Wearing the Mandarin Sassy dress, a sexy new Chinese dress.  Not quite traditional coz it features a partially lacy top and high side slits. I also placed a photo of the back of this dress coz it's so nicely made and I love the lace. 

Also wearing the new Lelutka Oscar hair I bought this evening; it's a bit like a bad hair day for the Lelutka Rykiel hair ^^. I love the tiny little hairs that pop out. Supa! 

Moreover I give you a song this evening/night. I hope you will enjoy as much as I do. 
Arghhh the video of the Red Hot Chili Peppers - Other Side has been removed so I give you the url of the official Youtube video: 

Dikke kus

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