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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Dido at Auggers

Supa proud me coz my photos are on exhibit at Auggers photo gallery from 7th January - 6th February! And you know what, you are ALL cordially invited to come and have a look (and maybe buy ^^)!
I worked hard to get all in place but it was worthwhile. 
Wanna thank Nitro, JMB, Michiel, Kooky, Andy and Fabio for all their input and help! Where would I be without my friends?

wearing the latest COCO groupgift 'the overall&sweater' (mesh) 
wow luv it, this is really supa nice!

on a funny DM (Del May) pose with Nitro while trying to capture my photos at Auggers Gallery

Cu at Auggers, IM me if you are there and like a tour ^^
dikke kus

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