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Tuesday 24 January 2012

C&P Casual Wear Lace top

Today was my rezzday and I had a small party at my home this evening. Fabio RL sang two songs for me and played the guitar. I loved it, thanks again darling! 
Unfortunaltely Kooky couldn't be there, due to RL obligations, but Cath,  Petrov and of course my BF Nitro were present as well as Lizcar and her BF Luc4s and later in the evening Sparks and Cat visited too. 

In the beginning of the evening Cath gave me two lace tops to review. So here they are. I like them, nice texture and muchos sexy ^^. Btw the guitar picker on the photo is of course Fabio.
Taxi to C&P Casual Wear 

dikke kus
no rezzday girl Dido

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