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Tuesday 3 January 2012

TDR Happy 2012 - Cheers!

Wearing Miamai Areree makeup with cute prim parts (feathers in black) as well as white stardust makeup. This is soo cute, I haven't taken this make up off since I received this awesome Group Gift. 

Yesterday I visited The Dressing Room (TDR Happy 2012coz they have 2 items for sale now; one is a new release, the other is the TDR best seller of 2011. I bought lots, lemme show you some:

First of all a pair of supa Sparkling feather earrings from Glow Studio. They come in gold/silver as well as in white and black combinations. Showing the black silver ones in the picture on top of this blog post. 

Of course I bought the Ricielli Special New Year set, how can one say no to that package for only L$ 70?
Phew a lot of items all in champagne/beige: the lovely Beatriz sequined miniskirt in gold (shown), earrings, a ring, a minidress, a lovely beige coat with supa collar as well as one of the famous Ricielli Misseiling leather jackets and a Monroe longshirt with sculpted part. I am showing you the beige bodysuit combined with the sequined skirt, the Donnaii coat and the MSMonroe longshirt combined with the skirt layer of the Camila minidress. 

More champagne? Using Juxtaposes 'Goodbye 2011' soo cute!

When I saw this lingerie set called Incanto Red from one of my fav shops Fishy Strawberry was for sale at TDR I rushed over, had to have it! 
Incanto comes in many many different layers and includes stockings, a garter option and a sheer tank. Love this set! Super textures and details. 

Enjoy the song, I do!  
dikke kus

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