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Tuesday 3 January 2012

More Anymore

tiny me in Anymore little reindeer XYROOM and Wren shape by External Appearance

the other side (pose by DM Whale Song GG)

TDR 46 mesh R.icielli Denim miniskirt

Anymore (taxi to main store) little reindeer XYROOM: too cute!
Glow studio (TDR 46) Sparkling feather white silver
Wren shape by External Appearance (by Karen Blackthorne), which is this weeks freebie (till Friday so hurry) 
R.icielli Denim miniskirt black MESH (TDR 46) wow I like this mesh skirt muchos, although on this tiny avi shape it's not really fitting. Luckily I don't have this problem with my normal Dido shape.

Miamai Areree makeup incl prim parts
MINA hair Dido (yeah that's me ^^)
Angelwing coin silks white nose ring
LouLou&Co Crepuscule gloves and bracelet
RedMint skin pale no. 07 
PC eyes Moon - lavender
Angelic Tattoo - Freedom

dikke kus

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