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Tuesday 25 March 2014

My 'Gauguin dress'

Wearing the awesome Paris METRO outfit 'Artist Series Indea Vaher', which is the same outfit as shown by the artist Indea in her artwork 'Purple hat', one of many colorfull artworks of the new exhibition at Paris Metro Art Gallery 'Women of the St Isabella Island'. 

I sooo love the vivid colors of this skirt. Although, I did change the yellow mesh top that comes with the skirt for a soft green color mesh corset from my inventory (SLAVE mesh CorSeT M8), which in my opinion fits better to the green in the skirt ^^
Love the hat too with the jolly green ribbons. 

The Coral earrings are last months (February 2014) Pure Poison GG
and the hair is Mientje by MINA, which I blogged recently.
The shoes are Fri.day Peggy.T-Straps (Tomato) SLINK ad ons and definitely a fav. 

Thanks again Captain ^^

dikke kus

standing in front of the art work at Paris Metro gallery

Photo made at LEA10 'Your breath was shed'