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Friday 22 November 2013

My Attic items and JD GG again

Showing two items of the many available right now at My Attic till the 31st of November. Theme this time is 'Baby it's Cold Outside' 

SYSY's mesh CoCo Suede dress in Moss - (available in many great colors) is well cut, has a great fitting and texture and moreover is warm and comfy to wear. 

MINA has a new hair called Carlijn, which is ONLY available at The Attic for the reduced price of 95 L$. Carlijn comes with a HUD to change the color of hair and texture of the cap. After all it's cold outside so a warm cap it had to be.

What an awesome GG, these JD boots Tundra in Kaki Suede are. I luvvv the stockings with belts and the socks that come with these boots. 
You can change the color of some parts of the boots, the socks and stockings with a HUD.
Yes I blogged these boots before, but not the stockings with belts ^^

dikke kus

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