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Saturday 9 November 2013

Kake's fan

First of all a closer look at my new Elysium Lena skin, with make-up from my closet among them the Izzie's dark red lipstick. Hey I love this skin.

Next are 2 NEW VG items:

  • the VG mesh Biker Jacket Damask in red: hey this is a fav coz I like the model, the color as well as the texture and 
  • the VG Xtreme Pumps, which come with a HUD to change the size, shoe color (3 different color options inside) as well as the skin color.
The KOSH uncut necklace is not brand new (September) but very nice. 

A have-to-have item is the Coco Chanel Hula Hoop bag created by my friend Kake Broek. 
Hey who doesn't wanna walk around carrying this CC bag? I am wearing the black & white giant version on the photo.

Shown above is the texture that was inside the folder with all the different bags (size, color) Kake gave me. But don't let the prize mentioned here put you off ladies, first please take a look at this too funny movie Kake made: http://www.flickr.com/photos/philsidek/10728561063/
Recognized the guy in the white suit? ^^

Pose used 'Fairy Pose' by Label Motion (TDR Fusion)

Wish you all a super weekend!
dikke kus

VG Xtreme pumps

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